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Statistics 2009


Total area 5338 sqm.
Exposition area 3140 sqm.
The number of registered visitors who filled  in theregistration card 2465 persons
Total number of exhibitors 147 companies
- number of national exhibitors 103 companies
- number of foreign exhibitors

44 companies (from Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Canada, China, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Japan)

Position structure of visitors *
Specialist, technologist 57,02
Head staff of middle level 35,64
Head staff (and V.I.P.) 7,34
Distribution of visitors according to regions:*
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 48,67
Eastern Region 25,43
Western Region   5,89
Central Region   8,41
Southern Region 6,28
Foreign Countries 5,32






  • ACE MARKETING, China – organization of industrial tradeshow
  • ADVANCE PRODUCTS, USA – pipeline accessories for Oil and Gas and Water/Wastewater industries 
  • ALLRUS GROUP / АЛЛЬРУС-УКРАИНА, Ukraine – an exclusive supplier of Colfax Corporation pumping equipment / ALLWEILER, IMO, WARREN, HOUTTUIN
  • ALLWEILER, Germany – pumping outfit
  • ALPHA-CAZPROMCOMPLECT, Ukraine – gas equipment producer
  • ALTEMA, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • APLISENS, Poland – pressure transducers and gaging equipment 
  • ARSENAL Plant, Ukraine – domestic and industrial gas meters
  • ARTEZIA, Ukraine – provides industrial enterprises with heat-and-power engineering equipment 
  • ASIA, Russia – advertising campaigns with the leading industrial and business press of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL ARMATURE ENGINEERING OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – voluntary unification of 24 leading armature building companies and organizations of Ukraine 
  • AYVAZ, Turkey – stop valves, metal hoses 
  • BEADLEJUICE, USA – drilling mud additives, soap and sapp sticks and many liquid torque and drag reduction agents 
  • BEIJING ZHENWEI EXHIBITION CO./CIPPE, China – international petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition 
  • BROJEN-ZAVGAZ, Poland – ball valves
  • BUSINESS DOSSIER, Ukraine – reference book 
  • CENTR SHAROMOLNIYEVYCH ISSLEDOVANIY, Ukraine – ball lightning essence study and its artificial formation from a special power-supplier 
  • CEW MEDIA GROUP, China – international oil and gas shows
  • CHORNOMORNAFTOGAZ, Ukraine – prospect and exploratory drilling
  • CIPPE, China – International trade fair of oil and gas industry 
  • COMRENT® INTERNATIONAL, USA – provides load-testing solutions for testing and commissioning of power plants 
  • DALGAKIRAN COMPRESOR UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • DALGAKIRAN KOMPRESOR, Turkey - equipment for oil and gas industry 
  • DALIAN SENKE, China – bearings, valves that are used in mining, chemical and engineering industries
  • DANUBE GROUP, Ukraine – multimodal transportation of different cargoes (including heavyweight and oversize)
  • DROGOBYCH ENGINEERING PLANT, Ukraine – gas-regulating station and gas-distribution stations, equipment for gas and oil industry 
  • DSM-TRADE, Ukraine – solutions for systems of technical documents circulation
  • E.ON RUHRGAS, Ukraine – European gas company
  • EC INDUSTRY GROUP LIMITED, China – wind generators, solar utilities and collectors
  • ECM UKRAINE, Ukraine – industrial and laboratory engineering
  • ECONAD, Ukraine – elimination of oil pollution with microbiologic specimens
  • EKOinform, Ukraine – publishing house 
  • ELECTROTECHNICAL MARKET, Russia– magazine and reference book
  • ELEKTROTEMA, Ukraine – specialized edition 
  • ELMESS-THERMOSYSTEMTECHNIK, Germany – electrical heaters for industrial applications 
  • ENERGETYKA TA ELEKTRYFIKATSIYA, Ukraine – publishing activities and information service in the field of fuel and power complex
  • ENERGOBIZNES, Ukraine – analytical weekly 
  • ENERGOUCHET, Ukraine – design, manufacture, installation and adjustment works 
  • ENERGY-SAVING SYSTEMS, Ukraine – production of domestic and industrial meters 
  • EVROTECHSERVIS, Ukraine – services for oil and gas complex enterprises 
  • FAKEL, Ukraine – machine-building enterprise: equipment for oil and gas, and refueling complexes, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries 
  • FMC TECHNOLOGIES – SMITH METER, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas production and processing industries
  • FTOROPLASTOVIYE TEKHNOLOGII, BRANCH OF CHEMCOM LTD, Ukraine – Manufacture of fluoroplastic products and PTFE-based compounds 
  • FUEL ALTERNATIVE, Ukraine – specialized publication
  • GAZ SUZAN, Armenia – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • GAS of UKRAINE, AC of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ukraine – distribution of natural gas to households, budget-funded organizations, industrial customers, utility companies and energy-generating companies
  • GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – specialized publication
  • GAZTEH, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • GSA-UKRAINA, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • HAFI Engineering, Аustria– air compressors and blowers, process gases compressors, etc. 
  • HAFI-UKRAINE, Ukraine - air compressors and airblowers, compressors for process gases
  • HEAT GROUP – GAZGEP KFT. LTD, Hungary – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • HEAT TRACE, Ukraine – systems of industrial electric heating 
  • HENNLICH UKRAINE, Austria – component parts for chemical plants and other industries 
  • HONG HUA – УКРАИНА, Representation in Ukraine – boring machines
  • HUMMEL AG, Germany – stop valves for heating, electrotechnics, etc.
  • INOGATE, EU – program of development and technical support 
  • INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING UKRAINE, Ukraine – execution of turnkey engineering solutions for oil and gas industry enterprises 
  • INTERTEK, Ukraine – gaging equipment
  • ITO, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • KHARKOVMASH, Ukraine –equipment for oil and gas industry
  • KLОPPER-THERM, Germany – electrical heating systems for different applications in industrial and explosion-proof design 
  • KOMPASS-Ukraine, Ukraine – business portal
  • KOTRIS, Ukraine – industrial and common automation systems
  • KROHNE, Representation in Ukraine – devices for flow measurement
  • KRYM PETROLEUM COMPANY, Ukraine – oil company
  • KURS, Ukraine – supersonic gas meters
  • LUFTHANSA, Representation in Ukraine – air transportation
  • MAN DIESEL, Germany – designs and manufactures low and medium speed engines 
  • METROLOGICAL CENTRE, East-European regional centre for metrology of gas in Boyarka, Ukraine – natural gas flow standards that reproduce unit of flow using different operational principles, standards of pressure, temperature, density and humidity 
  • MIYAWAKI, Japan – equipment for steam condensing systems
  • MODERN PETROL STATION, Ukraine – news and analytical periodical
  • MOTOR SICH, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • NADRA, CONCERN, Ukraine – owned E&P service company that consolidates plants and service enterprises of geological prospecting and oil producing industries 
  • NAFTA AND GAS, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – full cycle of operations in gas and oil field exploration and development, production and exploratory drilling, gas and oil transport and storage, supply of natural gas and LPG to consumers 
  • NAUKANAFTOGAZ, Ukraine – inspection and control units, gas physical parameters standard gauges 
  • NEFTERYNOK,  Ukraine – analytical weekly
  • NIKO, Ukraine – lubricating materials
  • NOVITNI TECHNOLOGII, Ukraine – wind generators
  • OIL&GAS EURASIA, Russia – b2b gas technology magazine
  • OILMARKET, Ukraine – international magazine
  • ORION, Ukraine – gas analyzers, leak detectors, gas detectors 
  • PDNK SAVEWELL, Ukraine – oil and gas service company
  • PEMZ, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • POLTAVA PETROLEUM COMPANY (PPC), Ukraine – non-state oil and gas producer 
  • PROMGAZKOMPLEKT, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • PROPAN-SERVICE, Ukraine – gases and gas supply 
  • PSICHEA, Ukraine – analytical researches, prognoses, etc.
  • RADMIRTECH, Ukraine – development, manufacture, delivery and installation of different equipment for fuel and energy complex systems 
  • RED MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORPORATION, USA, Representation in Ukraine – full range of equipment for production, treatment and processing of natural and petroleum gas
  • REGION, Ukraine – services for oil and gas complex enterprises
  • REMA, Ukraine – production and distribution of technical produce for oil and gas complex 
  • ROBIKON, Ukraine – filtering equipment and filtering elements for natural gas treating, gas-air blends 
  • ROSEN Europe B.V., the Netherlands – inspects complex and sensitive engineering structures, such as oil and gas pipeline systems and above-ground storage tanks
  • ROXTEC UA, Ukraine – specialized modular-based cable and pipe seals 
  • RWE Dea, Germany – exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil
  • SAMGAS-RIVNE, Ukraine – gas meters and equipment for gas meters repair and gaging
  • SAN, Ukraine – boiler plants and equipment
  • SANTECHNIK Ltd & Co, Ukraine –heating systems mounting
  • SATURN® DATA INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine – industrial automated systems, networking solutions, measuring and control apparatus
  • SCHLUMBERGER OILFIELD EASTERN, Representation in Ukraine – exploratory work
  • SELTON, Ukraine – filtering equipment manufacture
  • SEVEN HILLS, Representation in Ukraine – real estate dealer
  • SEYM, PE, Ukraine - commutation equipment
  • SHANDONG RONGLI PETROLEUM MACHINERY CO., China – manufacture and servicing of drilling equipment 
  • SIOUX Corporation, USA – industrial equipment 
  • SIRIUS-ELECTROMONTAZH, Ukraine – electrical heating systems
  • SKLOPRILAD, Ukraine – glass thermometers, pressure gauges, low pressure gauges, volumetric 
  • SMAPE, Italy - provides the following services: coiled tubing, well stimulation, matrix treatment, nitrogen pumping 
  • SMIT, Russia – equipment and services for oil and gas industry
  • SOFTEK, Ukraine –industrial valves and equipment for petroleum refining and chemical industries SPETSAVTOMATIKA, Ukraine – manufacture of stop fittings, ball valves
  • SPECIALIZED INSTALLATION COMPANY No.24, Ukraine – pipelines revamping and construction of compressor stations, pumping plants, and oil and gas refineries 
  • STATE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL LIBRARY OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – scientific and branch literature
  • SWTrans-UKRAINE, Ukraine – transportation of freight or non-standard equipment 
  • T.D. WILLIAMSON, Belgium – equipment and services for land and marine pipelines 
  • TAYLOR-DEJONGH, USA – focuses on financial services in oil and gas industry 
  • TEK KNOW Holding ApS., Denmark – calibrating and measuring equipment 
  • TECHPRILAD, Ukraine – industrial valves and heat exchangers for power plants, oil and gas, and all major industrial applications 
  • TEMiO, Ukraine – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • TEMPUS PLUS, Ukraine – "Test & Measurement Instruments and Systems" magazine
  • TEPLOENERGOKOMPLEKT, Ukraine – automated control systems, measuring and protection of extraction processes, processing, transportation and pumping-over of gas, oil
  • TEPLOLUX UKRAINE, Ukraine – electric cable heating system and explosion-proof equipment
  • TRUBIZOL, Ukraine – insulating materials 
  • U.S. COMMERCIAL SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Ukraine – business development, facilitating the expansion of trade
  • UKRAINIAN GEOLOGIST, Ukraine – periodical organ of Ukrainian social organization "Association of Geologists of Ukraine"
  • UKRGASPRODUCTION, Ukraine – natural gas production enterprise
  • UKRGAZ – SERVICE, Ukraine – scientific researches, design works, gas equipment and instruments
  • UKRNAFTA, Ukraine – development and production of oil, gas and condensed gas deposits
  • UKRROSMETALL, Ukraine – compressor equipment
  • UKRTRANSGAS, Ukraine – transportation of natural gas, underground natural gas storage, construction, maintenance, reconstruction and servicing of gas mains
  • UKRTRANSNAFTA, Ukraine – national operator of the Ukrainian oil-trunk pipelines system 
  • UKRTRUBOIZOL, Ukraine – antirust isolation
  • UNION OF DRILLERS OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – all Ukrainian public organization
  • VENTCONTINENT, Ukraine – utilities for air intake systems of gas-turbine industry and utilities for industrial ventilation systems 
  • VESTAS Oesterreich, Аustria – wind turbines
  • WIKA ALEXANDER WIEGAND SE & Co.KG, Germany – measuring outfit
  • WIKA PRIBOR, Ukraine – measuring outfits
  • WORLD ENERGY, Ukraine – branch resource
  • WORLD EXPO, Poland –exhibition services
  • WSI, Inc. of Texas, USA - geophysical research in wells, drilling, pipes reconstruction
  • XIAN KOSUN, China – equipment for oil and gas industry
  • YELLOW PAGES, Ukraine – directory
  • YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC, Representation in Ukraine –equipment for oil and gas industry 





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