Thanks for the summary, following basically the same procedure and it’s really fast with sufficient white maps.

So make sure to kill your own before helping others. This thread is archived. Are there any indications for you to move back to fight him? If you do so, make sure to run T14-T16 maps (the higher the better) in Step 5 until the sextants in that area are used up and then switch to low tier maps. Sirus, Awakener of Worlds will now only teleport players into the Meteor Maze if there is at least one player in range of him. Attack-baseds build can also counter these spammable beams with fortify + good life leech/regen. This build was first conceived during Harvest league, when it was very easy to access excellent gear., As always I'd love to hear/read about your opinion/any tips you can add :). Sidenote 3: Don't get cocky cause of bad RNG. Thanks for teaching me something new! Storms seem to wait for me at the entrance.

what a nonsense. Hey guys.Was answering a few questions in the Q&A thread we have a few days ago.Saw a dude asking about Sirus who was intimidated by the encounter so thought I'd just make a guide showcasing all his attacks and how to deal with them so those new to the fight will have some sort of visual guide to refer to. The laws of the faith do not apply to its leader. Instead they more organically maneuvere the arena in a way that should cause more openings to travel around freely while still applying some limitation. Here's pob for whoever is interested,

For the quest, see. Path of Exile Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The rest fought bravely, and died horrifically. No...Sirus is still alive? Haven't looked too much at the build, but if you do pick up runebinder you can use spell cascade, arcanist brand with faster casting to proc a shittonne of blades from the bladefall with very little mana cost., Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice. It's theorized that Awakener 0 through 3 can't drop anything but influence bases, Awakener 4-7 can drop all but the Woke Gems and the Sword, and Awakener 8 has the full drop table. The only attack currently that applies it is the DIE beam, and anyone who thinks "Gee I sure could use some CB immunity for Sirus" isn't the kind of build that can actually take a hit (let alone ALL FOUR beams), survive, and then subsequently die from CB.

You can choose to get physical damage leech here from the Delve modifier instead of getting it on an amulet. At least you don't make a mistake mixing it up. The Awakener has been decreased to level 81 from 84 at Awakening levels 1 to 5, increasing by one for each additional Awakening level.

He will most likely die beam you off screen so dash at an angle and keep moving until you get to him. The lasers do such extreme damage that you either die instantly or shrug it off and, by virtue of your build inherently, already don't care about CB.

Refer to the Crafting section below for a guide on how to easily craft your own. I am happy with you getting along so well, but I wonder if they will ever fix the storms walking over on top to prevent you from getting back to the fight after a single portal. The final Conqueror of the Atlas no longer has blocking during their Meteor Maze ability, so they cannot prevent you from escaping the Maze. Also a PSA, you loss your Sirus if you kill other's Sirus while your own is up. Step 6: Kill all Conquerors Step 7: Kill Sirus the Awakener Step 8: Be happy. Nah I don't think that's intentional,/normso I have pretty smooth performance on Sirus on a PC that struggles with other stuff like simulacrum and monsters spawning in.

Right click this item, then left click the item you wish to take the influence from, then left click an item of the same item class you wish to apply it to.

maps of an area next to the first one until influence spawns, Step 3: Run different T14-T16 (!)

Increased the cooldown of Sirus' Apparitions skills back to the same values as prior to 3.10.0. // Sidenotes.

I couldn't find all those informations, and would like to know what is worth to do, and if I can learn the fight without that much risk ? Fixed a bug which could result in the Awakener fight not progressing if he traveled too far in a single Throne Phase. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pathofexile community, A subreddit dedicated to Path of Exile, an ARPG made by Grinding Gear Games. Also good to mention: When he spawns the clones he will do a short teleport and be by himself for a few frames before the clones pop up, so if you're paying attention you can just know which clone he is which makes it super easy to dodge. Increased the damage of The Awakener's Multiclone Beam skill.

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We... grew close. One question: Why should one not run the same map multiple times in a row? Otherwise look for: The Elder/Hunter mod % of Physical Damage leeched as life (note that % of Physical ATTACK damage will NOT work) is the most important mod here. He will cast another storm if you die in P1-P3 but not in P4. You can afford to die once in P1-P3 and storm will still be manageable if you follow this strategy. One important thing to note is that Sirus always cast these 5 abilities in set order. Added new lore objects to the Conqueror of the Atlas boss areas. It's worth noting that you can buy any iLvl 80+ Redeemer helmet with an open prefix and use the augment caster Harvest craft to get the Unleash mod. Hey guys. I was distraught when he vanished with the Elder. personally I think his attacks are telegraphed and easy to dodge but the performance issues make this fight way harder than it actually is.
I'm pretty new and have no idea what I'm doing and I'm struggling (and it'll take some time before I get the currency needed for the desired gear). I included description for 5 ability that Sirus cast, all in P4 version. Getting the Frenzy Charge Redeemer mod is nice for extra DPS as well. Sirus, Awakener of Worlds will now be more aware of where Deatomisation Storms are and will no longer cast his Meteor or Corridor skills if he is near one. The other way around it might be a mistake, so ... to be save, I run different maps all the time ;), Cos of bug. 1 Lore 2 Abilities 3 Video 4 Exclusive drops 5 Version history From Zana: Sirus's arena contains multiple huge …

It's random seeded at beginning of fight. The final Conqueror of the Atlas now teleports to the centre of the Meteor Maze skill upon starting it.

If this bug appears you will stop getting triggers in other areas and you will have to clear theinfluence before you can get a new one. This strategy is nice but do you still drop t3-t13 at full awakened atlas? I wouldn't recommend crafting one as it can be very expensive for little benefit. I'd be interested in a PoB for the Blazing Salvo variant if anyone can provide one. If you arent in the last phase you can walk under him to re initiate the phase you fought before your death. Chugging my bubbling potion wasn't enough to keep me alive after the fact. Widen your horizon already. Repeat step 9 with lightning and chaos resist. Divinity is not the only path to enlightenment. Holy shit just watched the entire fight for the first time.

The beams only do like 3000 damage per hit without shock, and can be easily face-tanked with beginner-friendly classes like inquisitor and saboteur which have shock immunity and high regen. Gloves with "Socketed Gems are Supported by Faster Casting" are very nice, saving us a link in our Bladefall. maps of each of the influeced areas until you spawn the last trigger to get the Zana quest for the respecitve conqueror, Rule1: Never run the same map back to back.

Sirus will always move himself toward stair area. The main loss will be the difficulty in getting Divine Flesh setup properly. But: When I tested it, it felt like spawning influence next to the last quadrant was faster, but there is no proof of course. In the end, it doesnt matter which quadrant you chose. I myself prefer facetanking for full dps and CB literally was the only thing killing me.


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