Color of box border. Max character limit: 300

For more information, see Sticker message in the Messaging API reference. I don't know what it all means, but it fixed my issue. For more information, see Box padding in the Messaging API documentation. Please make sure that your LINE account meets one of the requirements above.

Specify an action object. Action performed when this button is tapped. An imagemap message contains an image with multiple tappable areas.

A value of none means that borders are not rendered; the other values are listed in order of increasing width. You can link the service account provided by the provider (corporate and developer) with the account of the LINE user.

Flex Messages are messages with a customizable layout.

Do not use the LINE ID used in LINE. Next locate the following config section. Link tokens are valid for 10 minutes and can only be used once. You cannot place a separator above the first block.

You may also specify an empty array.

A unique ID is generated for each request, If the request has already been accepted using the same retry key, the, An error was found in the JSON data of the request body.

Starting August 15, 2019, updated versions of the Messenger app will no longer render Location quick reply. Components in this box.


Returns status code 200 and the content in binary. The rich menu represented as a rich menu object.

You can customize the layout freely based on the specification for CSS Flexible Box (CSS Flexbox) (opens new window). With the channel secret as the secret key, your application retrieves the digest value in the request body created using the HMAC-SHA256 algorithm.

The JSON in the request body could not be parsed.

The length of the request body in octets (8-bit bytes). Protocol: HTTPS (TLS 1.2 or later) The requested resource is no longer available at the server. Include this parameter to get the next array of user IDs for the members of the group.

How come General Kenobi is at two places at once? Image format: JPG, JPEG, or PNG
For more information, see Offset in the Messaging API documentation.

One of: Audience's update permission. Returns status code 200 and a JSON object with the rich menu ID.

Image URL This will tell Magento to use the soap_wsi handler instead of the soap_v2 handler.

For more information, see Direction (angle) of linear gradient backgrounds in the Messaging API documentation. Gets the group ID, group name, and group icon URL of a group where the LINE Official Account is a member. The request HTTP method is known by the server but has been disabled and cannot be used for that resource. A continuation token to get the next array of user IDs. Horizontal position of the top-left corner of the tappable area relative to the left edge of the image.

You can specify font color, size, and weight.

The default value is md. Specify the audience when sending narrowcast messages. How child elements are aligned along the cross axis of the parent element. JPG, JPEG, or PNG You can obtain basic information on the LINE Official Account's bots. Box height. See, After registering an email address, download LINE for PC. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. For some characters, such as those that use surrogate pairs and emojis that can be expressed in UTF-16, count them as multiple characters instead of one. Downloads an image associated with a rich menu. How do you fix this in the client side application when receiving the XML from a web service? If a service only supports MP3 files, you can use a service like FFmpeg to convert the files to M4A. The URL that was specified when the audience was created. URL of preview image (Max character limit: 1000) HTTPS over TLS 1.2 or later All Rights Reserved. Supported on LINE 8.2.0 or later for iOS.

Alignment style in vertical direction.

You can get the user in room count even if the user hasn't added the LINE Official Account as a friend or has blocked the LINE Official Account.

Max file size: 10 MB.

To send a text message, include the text in a message object. Supported on LINE for iOS and Android only. The user can simply tap one of the buttons to reply to the LINE Official Account. For more information, see Wrapping text in the Messaging API documentation.

The ratio of the width or height of this component within the parent box. You can obtain information on the LINE official account's groups and members of the groups. The server doesn’t find any content that conforms to the criteria given by the user agent in the. The statistics are no longer updated after 15 days. These extra properties are included only if status is ready. In addition to having buttons, you can also indicate a single action to be executed when a user taps anywhere in the image, title, or text area. Max character limit: 12.

Specify the value of {width} and {height} in the range from 1 to 100000. For more information about using each block, see Block in the API documentation.

The reason why the operation failed. You can specify the color, size, weight, and decoration for the font. If the new message is deleted, the quick reply buttons appear again. The size of the bubble.

Reference position for placing this box. You can set up to 13 quick reply buttons to a message of any type. When the specified user ID is valid, status code 200 and a JSON object with the following information will be returned. For this reason, depending on the character width, the message text may not be fully displayed even when it is within the character limits. Number of times audio or video in the bubble started playing. Indicates that the request has been received but not completed yet. Any way to watch Netflix on an iOS device running outdated software? *.

You can get the user in group count even if the user hasn't added the LINE Official Account as a friend or has blocked the LINE Official Account. This property can be specified for the box, image, and text but its value is not displayed. How the audience was created. Returns an audience along with the 202 HTTP status code.

Max character limit: 1000

The initial plan was to complete the transition by April 30, 2020, but we extended the transition … Send messages to users who have been friends of yours for at least the specified number of days.

The number of intended recipients of the message. ID used to identify the video when Video viewing complete event occurs.

The image carousel template is a message type that enables users to scroll through multiple images. Note that the URL must use HTTPS over TLS 1.2 or later.

If the parent element is a horizontal box, this only takes effect when its child elements have their flex property set equal to 0.

Found in the source object of webhook event objects. Message to send Template messages have predefined layouts that help you create richer experiences for your users. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. The client SHOULD NOT repeat the request without modifications. For a list of sticker IDs for stickers that can be sent with the Messaging API, see the Sticker list. | Sitemap. For more information, see Alignment in vertical direction in the Messaging API documentation.

Note that the URLs must use HTTPS over TLS 1.2 or later. To verify whether the request was processed successfully, get the rich menu ID linked to the users and check if the unlinked rich menus are actually not linked to the users. Number of replies sent with the Send reply message Messaging API operation. The default value is 1:1. This bot searches restaurants according to the food category requested by the user or the user's current location. Use the following two objects to define the style of blocks in a bubble.


The total number of audiences that can be returned with the specified filter. Indicates that the server has received and is processing the request, but no response is available yet. Name of the rich menu., Exceeded your monthly message limit.

Maximum image size: 1024×1024 pixels For more information, see Using quick replies. For more information, see Carousel template in the Messaging API reference.

Properties after broadcast contain the number of messages sent on the date specified in date. Number of push messages sent to some of this LINE Official Account's friends, based on specific attributes (targeted/segmented messages).

You can assign one tappable area for the entire image or different tappable areas on divided areas of the image.

For more information, see Offset in the Messaging API documentation. Only users of LINE for iOS and LINE for Android are included in userIds.

Defines the size of a tappable area. This is a quick reply option that is displayed as a button. The client has indicated preconditions in its headers which the server does not meet.

{width}:{height} format.

For more information, see Automatically shrink fonts to fit in the Messaging API documentation. Returns the 409 status code, the response header indicating the request ID of the accepted request, and a JSON object containing this information if a request is accepted. However, the aspect ratio of width to height must be at least 1.45. true to display the rich menu by default.

POST, A text file with one user ID or IFA entered per line. If you're using Android OS version 8.0 or later and want to display message notifications on your lock screen, please see, Checking/changing your registered information, Some pages for LINE and other family apps are not displaying properly, How LINE POINTS are automatically exchanged for Coins, Transferring your account with a phone number, I'm not receiving the verification code text message. true to wrap text. I updated the Web Service reference and it works for me. An impression-based retargeting audience is a collection of users who have viewed a broadcast or narrowcast message.

Number of people that started playing audio or video in the bubble. For more information, see User consent. You have exceeded the target limit for additional messages. The user simply taps one of the buttons to reply. Specify an action object.

You can get statistics per message or per bubble.

The user taps one of quick reply buttons.

Indicates the client to get the requested resource at another URI with same method that was used in the prior request. The number decreases when a user unblocks the account.

The image is rendered in this drawing area. This property is returned when the type property has a value of limited. Because the third party services may changed / updated and you should be also updated in your environment. A message informing the same request has already been accepted. Supported on LINE 8.2.0 or later for iOS. GET{roomId}/member/{userId}, POST{roomId}/leave.

This component renders a button.

There are no limits. Optional for the other message types. It is a reserved status code and is not used anymore. The server can not find the requested resource.

Must be greater than the min value. For more information, see Sending Flex Messages in the Messaging API documentation. For more information, see Vertical alignment in the Messaging API documentation. If the wrap property of the parent text is set to true, you can use a new line character (\n) to begin on a new line. Can we say someone is a "tasteful" person?

An array of up to 10,000 user IDs or IFAs.


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