In smaller campus locations where there are fewer users who are accessing the network or in campus sites that consist of a single building, separate core and distribution layers may not be needed. A network administrator is configuring inter-VLAN routing on a network. What are two reasons that will prevent two routers from forming an OSPFv2 adjacency?

That means the ARP request is sent only throughout a specific VLAN. ), 186. NAT64 is a temporary IPv6 transition strategy that allows sites to use IPv6 addresses and still be able to connect to IPv4 networks. The other options are irrelevant. The access list defines the valid public addresses for the NAT or PAT pool. The native VLAN is for carrying VLAN management traffic only. The show mac-address-table and show port-security commands will display information that is more related to access layer operations. Your IP: No drilling or modification required!Order with confidence!Like us on Facebook: us on Google+: us on Twitter: #YamahaGolfCartWindshield #GolfCartAccessories #GolfCartWindshield #YamahaGolfCartAccessories #GolfCartTireSupply Yamaha, Yamaha Golf Cart, Yamaha Golf Cart Windshield, Yamaha Windshield, Yamaha Golf Cart Windshields, Steeleng, RHOX, LSI, Route 66 windshield, Steeleng Windshield, Golf Cart Windshield, golf cart, golf carts, Yamaha Drive Windshield, Yamaha G29 Windshield Refer to the exhibit. used use of private IP addresses on the link interfaces, one router connecting to a FastEthernet port on the switch and the other connecting to a GigabitEthernet port, one link between the switch and the router with the one switch port being configured in access mode, three links between the switch and the router with the three switch ports being configured in access mode, two links between the switch and the router with the two switch ports being configured in access mode. What address, if any, appears in the running configuration file to identify this network? Kitaazumi-gun Ikeda-machi is a small town in the northwestern part of Nagano Prefecture. DJBDNS can be installed with these patches by emerging it with ipv6 in the USE variable. This will allow to tunnel all the IPv6 connections through an IPv4 connection.

The entry with the route is a default static route which is used to send packets to any destination network that is not specifically listed in the routing table. Fill in the blank.Static routes are configured by the use of the __ip route__ global configuration command. Because the clients will configure their IPv6 addresses by combining the prefix/prefix-length and a self-generated interface ID, the ipv6 dhcp pool configuration does not need to specify the valid IPv6 address range. 166. (Not all options are used.). Console access – Even though the commands a technician types while connected to the console port will be held in RAM, console access itself does not match a memory type. We can do this in one of two ways. 61.

R1(config)# boot system tftp://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin

A DHCP server must be installed on the same LAN as the host that is receiving the IP address. Does anyone know where I can find a video to the practical part on PT? (Choose two.). Once there, click the IPv6-only Test link. In addition, vty lines must configured to enable either Telnet or SSH connections. Those prefixed with a 3 will only have an AAAA record created. 128. Unicast frames are not always forwarded.

In this case the show cdp neigbors command is the only command that will provide information relevant to both distribution and access layer devices. If this assumption is wrong, simply append the chroot prefix to most of the paths in the following section. Stateful assignment is handled by DHCPv6. 31. Just as DNS for IPv4 uses A records, DNS for IPv6 uses AAAA records. Access layer switches provide user access to the network. 150.

When the switches are brought back online, the dynamically learned MAC addresses are retained. Borderless switching is a network architecture, not a switching method. Issue the command default-router at the DHCP configuration prompt on the LAN gateway router. No intervention is required to maintain changing route information. All running configurations are saved at the start and close of every business day. 148. The IPv6 DHCP pool configuration has no IPv6 address range specified. To maintain the MAC address table, the switch uses the source MAC address of the incoming packets and the port that the packets enter. The R1 router has to examine the destination IP address to determine how the packet is to be routed.

The administrative distance will need to be higher than that of OSPF, which is 110, so that the router will only use the OSPF link when it is up. Error-free fragments are forwarded, so switching accurs with lower latency. Restrict – Packets with unknown source addresses are dropped until a sufficient number of secure MAC addresses are removed, or the number of maximum allowable addresses is increased. is a subnet of the classful network. Refer to the exhibit. (Choose three. Which characteristic describes cut-through switching? Refer to the exhibit. A nonrecursive route must have an exit interface specified from which the destination network can be reached. Layers minimize the number of devices on any one tier that share a single point of failure.

(Not all options are used), resiliency -> This provides “always-on” dependability, hierarchical -> Layers minimize the number of devices on any one tier that share a single point of failure, modularity -> Each layer has specific roles and functions that can scale easily, flexibility -> This shares the network traffic load across all network resources, none -> This provides quality of service and additional security. Explain:

VLAN 6 is the only VLAN that is not used and not VLAN 1. The output of debug ip nat shows each packet that is translated by the router.

187. A Layer 3 switch routes for three VLANs and connects to a router for Internet connectivity.


The other entry (S is directly connected, Serial 0/0/0) is a static route configured using the exit interface. The security of management frames that are carried in the native VLAN can be enhanced.

After implementing the ACL, no one in the Corp network can access any of the servers. Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the routing tables are up to date and no ARP messages are needed, after a packet leaves H1, how many times is the L2 header rewritten in the path to H3? 135.

But are you ready for the change? 3. A default static route is a route that matches all packets. The database information for each router is obtained from the same source. The core layer provides fault isolation and high-speed backbone connectivity.

In this case, the translated address is on the subnet but the ISP facing interface is in the subnet. Which subnet mask would be used as the classful mask for the IP address What is used as the default event logging destination for Cisco routers and switches?

Lines prefixed with a 6 will have both an AAAA and a PTR record created. If the switch reboots and all routers have to re-establish OSPF adjacencies, which routers will become the new DR and BDR? Frames are forwarded without any error checking. 152. Explain: A loopback address, default VLAN, and VTP domain configurations are not necessary for the purpose of remote switch management. A native VLAN is assigned to an 802.1Q trunk port, and untagged traffic is placed on it.

SW1(config-vlan)# exit, I studied all these and sat for my exam today (5the June 2018) and this are exact questions that came in my exam. When a VLAN interface is created, the VLAN is not automatically populated into the VLAN database.

Full duplex increases the effective bandwidth. How is the router ID for an OSPFv3 router determined? ), 115. The solution is a transition to 128-bit IPv6 numbers.

Explain: Explain: On a Cisco switch, an interface can be configured for one of three violation modes, specifying the action to be taken if a violation occurs:Protect – Packets with unknown source addresses are dropped until a sufficient number of secure MAC addresses are removed, or the number of maximum allowable addresses is increased. You are now landing on our Japan's server. But there's no need to rush. There is no notification that a security violation has occurred.


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