Mobile Strike is a server-based game.

Any of those might support the app you are using. please help, Every time that I try to purchase something in the app it just kicked me out, localiapstore is the best that i tried,, it works good for most games. It works with Pokemon Go which is released recently for iOS 13.5 too. If anything goes wrong, let us know…. It is your device to do with as you will. ?️, I have iAPFree for on my iphone x on iOS 13.5 and it works fine because theres a standalone version too so seems to me you may need to do some research yourself buddy. I know I’m late, but whatever – it’s because all your data is stored on Game of War’s servers, not your device. Actually, the games and apps that need internet or wifi connection can’t be hacked using either iapfree or iapcrazy or iap cracker what ever app you use. Hey, I’m on same firmware and apps, can you tell me which apps did you tried using iapfree? does this mean the game has anti jailbreak?

You can easily find app sync core plugin on cydia app store. After two days, he returned to me and asked me to download in-app purchases for free using iap cracker behalf of him. Tried all the possibilities and with different IAP purchases, nothing works so really don’t waste your time just as I did. To use IAP Cracker, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. Thanks, it works I used app sync and iapfree iOS 13.5 the combination worked!!! Reboot once again and install any game or app that has in-app purchase and try iAP Cracker. In app purchases were never been so easy to hack before lucky patcher because lucky patcher Cydia tweak has proved that it works on iOS 13.5 and all the recent jailbroken firmware.

i wasted mine to tell you not to waste yours. thanks to man who developed this great app. iAPFree Updated to iOS 13.5: The Ultimate iAP Free List of Apps, Games for iPhone X. This IAP Cracker compatibility list is updated regularly, 10 Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking Your iPhone or iPad’, How To Take Snapchat Videos/Pictures Without Touching the Screen, How To Add Date/Time Stamps to Photos on the iPhone, How To Get More Fans in TikTok [November 2020], How to Block Websites on an iPhone [November 2020], How To Record a FaceTime Call [October 2020], How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 10, How to Install YouTube Kids on Your Amazon Fire Tablet, How To Delete Your Gmail Address Permanently [October 2020], How To Speed Up Windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide, How to Install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet. iOS 13.5 jailbreak is not even out so how can this work, How can i update to ios 11 although it doesnt has any jailbreak yet, what version of appsync should i get for this to work, Just added, now Cydia won’t open!!!! We have very good news for jailbreak users who use in-app purchases. Don’t forget to comment what you have done or what you have patched. Do you think that ANY of the tools cited will work on app-X, if app-X’s in-app-purchases have been implemented in a particular way by developers?

YOU in fact are the hacks – I’ll look for more reliable advice elsewhere, and I suggest others do the same. When you successfully added repo source, search iAPFree in that repo source and install it.

You need to look for iOS 13.5 or at least for iOS 13.5 the latest version has been released.

He asked me to do this. Now I don’t know what to do next. iAPFree iOS 13.5 is nothing but allows you to install free in-app purchases. This does not effect our editorial in any way. Both tools are available in English language. you can use localiapstore actually for ios 8 , i use it for my ipad mini ios 13.5 and my iphone 6 ios 13.5 .. not iap crazy , iapfree or iap cracker Noemi November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

I used this and now I’m paying 60 dollars worth of in app purchase. You may need to reboot your iPhone once everything has downloaded, you may not. That’s it. Jailbreaking, using Cydia and IAP Cracker is either super-simple or fraught with issues. The biggest being that when I have “successfully” installed iAPCracker/LocaliAPStore when I try to purchase in-app it gets stuck on me having to put in my billing info. Does iAPCracker still work? Today, the developers of iAP Cracker have updated their Cydia tweak called iAP Cracker for iOS 13.5. iAPCracker is a Cydia tweak that allows user to get free in-app purchases by providing fake receipts. Please Help. There are dangers to jailbreaking and to the apps that you need to jailbreak to use. i advise everyone to not listen to this garbage. Hey, i know it’s dumb but how do you enable it to purchase the app for free?

its all old versions that DONT work. Meaning there’s no way to change your data without directly accessing their servers, which is impossible to do, realistically. No IAP free apps, (IAPFree, IAPCrazy, etc) work on server-based games. Above jailbreak tool would install Cydia installer on your iDevice, suppose it doesn’t have Cydia installer and you can’t access Cydia, you must install it using deb file from Saurik’s website. This does not work for ios 13.5 jailbreak. 2. You’re a fucking idiot. Maybe it was thelegend27 scripting a cheat block . Cydia currently supports iOS 10.3.3 but as iOS updates, Cydia will always be a short way behind as the developers work to catch up. Anyways, if you’ve already made your day to get iAP Free and alternatives, then here is something that you can do. I just want to get in app purchases for “game of war” these hacks dont seem to work, can anyone help Ive heard you can do it if you edit code. Some of the jailbreak users install it to test in-app purchases before buy. Note: this is must to install iAP Cracker. Alternative apps that do much the same thing include iAPFree, LocaliAPStore or iAPCrazy. iAPCrazy is for iOS 8.x ????️????️??? So, there isn’t any mean to install it now. iAPFree is for iOS 6.x – 7.x ???????????? It doesn’t get you free apps, only option purchases from within those apps. The phone won’t be as stable, the apps won’t always be stable and there are some apps that you really shouldn’t install. Add repo source to Cydia directory to install iAP Cracker. I just need core plugin that works on clash of clans and candy crash I hope this would clear your view, You can try your luck with iOS 13.5 because its new and can be a fresh opportunity for the app. Once you have jailbroken your iPad or iPhone, Open Cydia app store application. I can’t get repos to work/install.

IAP Cracker is a neat tool that helps you get in-app purchases for free. Can you tell me how did you did it because it isn’t working for me:/.

IAP Cracker also doesn’t support every game or app so it might be worthwhile checking to see if the one you are using currently will work before installing or jailbreaking.

Before proceeding, I would remind you that iAPFree and this type of applications are completely illegal to use. Your email address will not be published.

I’ve just upgraded iOS 13.5 and jailbreak it tried to install iapfree and installed it but how to use it? Use ‘’ as the repository as it has a copy of IAP Cracker. Note: this is must to install iAP Cracker. Assuming it’s only apps with very primitive app-purchase-check function that can be prised open. Here is how to set up and use IAP Cracker. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Jailbreak iOS 13.5 with taig ???? The best tool is PPJailbreak, if you use Mac OS X and if you’re on Windows PC, then use TaiG for iOS 13.5 firmware. However, most of the jailbreak users install them and enjoy in-app purchases for free. I been trying to find right combo for weeks. Pardon my ignorance, but why does it say 12.2 as well? Can u send that sources link you download iap free please? As far as in app purchase does it work for mobile strike !? If you have installed any in-app application or plugin, then you would know what I mean. Many users use iAP Cracker, iAPLocalStore, iAPCrazy and so on which are completely against of Apple rules.

I would say that there is really a great source to provide free in app purchase. Very unhappy. ?️ You guys really need to do your research ??? You hit the purchase and when it asks for your password you hit cancel. For some reason I don’t have the IAP Cracker app and when I try on a Game where I KNOW it works (Localiapstore is outdated but in rare cases works for some apps) the app just crashes. Add and complete the installation.

Add repo source to Cydia directory to install iAP Cracker. It works fine but not for all apps. I don’t know how some users claim that iap free works! TechJunke doesn’t condone illegal activity or not paying for what you use but information should be free to all. YOU need to do your research! If you want to continue, this guide from British website MacWorld is one of the best I have seen on jailbreaking.

Others I know who have done it said theirs worked first time without issue. IAP Cracker requires Cydia to work which comes with most jailbreak apps.

Lucky Patcher is most active alternative to iAP Free. You could also reboot your phone or repeat the above process. It walks you through the entire process from beginning to end in a very straightforward manner. Here is how to set up and use IAP Cracker. Most of game lovers use it to get free gems or premium in app content.

I can only find iAPFree iOS 13.5.

iAPFree works but for some type of in-app purchases only. Is this a real problem? To install this Cydia tweak on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air or iPad Mini, you need to jailbreak it first. AppSync simulates app signing to make your iPhone think any app you install through Cydia or IAP Cracker is legitimate.

So if you find this tutorial doesn’t work first time, try again. My friend suggesting me another iAP tweak rather than this one! I no longer trust this site for any advice. Now, i’m also confuse how to get free in-app purchases using iap cracker for free. Make sure that its updated to iOS 13.5 or the firmware that you wanna use for iAP Cracker. They only give you the item(s) once they receive the payment(s), which they don’t.

The Guy That Actually Knows What He's Talking About. 1. Do a Cydia search for AppSync and install that too. Thx and any working alternatives?

Use TaiG, PP Jailbreak, PanGu or EvasiOn. Wtf taig don’t have a jailbreak for iOS 13.5 they only went to 13.5; you meant to put pangu instead right?


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