Replaced `var:faction_leader` with the new `faction_leader` scope. Weaponry is now 'collections' of small arms, rather than just one weapon represented. Numerous Russian events have either had their descriptions reworked or been replaced by new events entirely, giving more character to Russia’s political paths. This mod was made possible thanks to the new Scripted GUI system created by PDX developer shultays, please check his tutorials on PDX HOI4 forums if you want to add GUI features to your mod. Fixed Ukraine being able to join the TI too early. Paradox has added the option to prevent new guarantees as a base function when starting a new game -- you don't need the DLC to use it. But can South America really satisfy the zombies? The game rule adds a setting for a pre-1939 WK2 beginning to either be rare or unrestricted (meaning it simply depends on the regular chances of the events involved). GFX only version of unique transport planes.... VD - Hearts of Iron III - Country Borders (A&M-C), A&M-C = Achievement & Multiplayer Compatible, -Minor Immersion Reskin: Middle East & Africa-, -Minor Immersion Reskin: South & Central America-. Demand It - a mod for people who want things and want them now. Increased suppression values for armoured cars, camels, and bicycle battalions. New leader descriptions for all FOP leaders. [hoi4] “这游戏咋玩啊”钢铁雄心萌新向购买建议 基础教程 思路攻略 ... dlc购买 2. Alternative History | Kaiserreich | Welcome to the world of Kaiserreich! Currently very outdated, a newer version for the updated Millennium Dawn can be found at, Millennium Dawn Submod: Russian Equipment. The Quid Pro Quo focus for Canada no longer checks to see if Canada owns any claimed American states. Photos for Portraits MP/Achievement Compatible, Replaces painted portraits with photographs, Current Version 1.10.1 Updated for Battle for the Bosporus aka Collie, Realistic Nukes + (Radiations, Colonization, 1.6. If Bulgaria accepts the Balkan War loss event, its conscription and economy laws are immediately moved to minimum. Have you ever wanted to recruit an army of Jesus? For a version where the AI does not use them go here: Endsieg: Ultimate Victory RUS Translation, Русская локализация Endsieg: Ultimate Victory, Quick Mod that changes Hitler's Portrait to have the proper fashion sense he deserves ;). Generic National Focus Boost is back and updated to the newest version! Version 05.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.1 - 1.9.3). Added Ask of Thyself, Crown Imperial, a new version of Land of Hope and Glory, Fantasia on British Sea Songs, Here's A Health unto his Majesty, I vow to Thee My Country, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Soldiers of the King, Song of Liberty and Sons of the Brave. Krishna Menon (DEH), Muhammad Ali Jinnah (DEH), Sikandar Hayat Khan (DEH), Rajendrasinhji Jadeja (DEH), Zhabdrung Rinpoche (BHU).
This Mod adds 26 Polish well-known patriotic songs. It’s no longer enough to have simply declared support for the faction during the Intervention Debate. I'm sorry, but things happen, life happens. Canada’s french-related ideas will now disappear if Quebec is not owned, Russia no longer receives a claim on Cernauti when deciding to keep Bessarabia, Fixed Russian decision to attack Transamur for the instance where Transamur immediately folds and should be annexed, Burmese event chain now checks for AuthDem government to exist, Burma can no longer join in on Indochina’s war with Siam if it is a subject (of another country) or otherwise invalid for the war, Fixed the continuous focus box overlapping with parts of the PLC focus tree, Fixed the Russian Socialist Republic having a too low division limit, Fixed Don-Kuban having an endless Black Monday, Fixed all missing Sudwestafrika portraits, Fixed Austria not being able to release Hungary in the Pluralism path, Capitulated countries will no longer be annexed in peace conferences if random non-aligned third parties capitulate, Siam no longer loses its admirals if the civil war fires, Transamur will now break away from Japan when forming Russia, Serbia no longer invites itself to the Belgrade Congress, Honduras will now break free from Nicaragua if the latter’s government is overthrown, Mongolia and Tibet can now be released properly after releasing China, Greater Germany can now no longer core Istria or Trentino through the annexation decisions, If the UK chooses direct rule over Ireland, the annexation decision will now not keep re-appearing, Removed the ability for the Patagonian Communists to get Juan Domingo Peron as a general. Militarist/Nationalist Poland can now join the Belgrade Pact. Have you ever wondered why on earth Paradox didn't add a focus tree for British Malaya in the Together For Victory Dlc?,,,,,,, (,,,,,,, url=,,,, url=,,,,, NEW VERSION FOR 1.9 - Vanilla Performance Improvements Vol.

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This will not support Man The Guns or Vive La Resistance and will crash frequently. The new songs are: Ça ira mieux demain, Ce que c'est qu'un drapeau, Cocorico, Debout la France, Hymne de L'Infanterie de Marine, Ils ne la gagneront pas, Ils Reviendront, La France de demain, La Galette, La Royale, Le Chant des Girondins, Le Cuirassier, Le Rêve Passe, Marche des Tirailleurs, Nous autres de la chasse (Us of the Hunt)", La Renouveau, Rhin et Danube,Semons le Grain de la Lumière and a new version of La Marche Lorraine. A mod that adds dynamic party popularity, civil wars, coups and allows the monarchists to jump in as well.

Russian and non-russian music dedicated for Russia. Sorry if you enjoyed this mod, I'm very much flattered by the positive feedback it has received since ... Lamp's Eqpt Icons 3_Unique Support Eqpt Icons, From the creator of Dominium Balticum and The Reworked Focusses mod comes now 'Loyalty In America', Quick Mod that changes Mussolini's Portrait to have the proper fashion sense he deserves ;). Finished the localization and added a new focus filter for the Legation Cities tree, New German and Japanese commanders for the Legation Cities, they leave if either group takes over the Cities, Legation Cities can now pay pp to boost their relationship with Zongchang-led Shandong, leading to better trade power and civilian economy to be diverted from Shandong to them, Iceland has received a new leader for the social democratic party, Added new news events for Russian leadership changes, Reduced focus times on Indian focus trees, Moved Indian focuses which would add cores to regained Indian states to be decisions instead. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Hearts of Iron IV. Romania can no longer join the Entente if at war, The LKMT no longer commits suicide by Japan. Fixed Siam losing its admirals in the civil war. Anqing Clique has received code updates and improved behavior, Small rework of the Cuban autentico path, national populists now split off from the mainline authoritarian democrats. Some Fengtian collaboration focuses will now provide intel to Japan (if La Resistance is owned). For other modders out there, we strongly suggest you avoid puppets of puppets at all costs, Long Yun couping the LKMT in Yunnan is no longer locked out of his focus tree, Mexico will now warn CEN before invading it, and the timer for them to invade has been increased from 14 days to 30 in order to give the Central Americans a bigger window to prepare, Fixed Jabal Shammar being locked out of its political tree, Can now actually release Chinese regional tags in annexation decisions, Ukrainian Generals are no longer in Socialist Russia, Fixed a double-firing event in National France, Fixed Mindaugas leading the Lithuanian revolt, Fixed a puppet Switzerland causing its overlord to peace out with France, Finland will now leave Mitteleuropa when appropriate, Japan now loses the Mantetsu idea if they lose control over Manchuria, Olson now gets a higher starting popularity to account for the new ideology, Syria is now only called Syria, not Syrian or Syriac on the map, Fixed Central America joining the Entente while at war with Canada, Fixed Southern Slovakia and Bucovina not being correctly transferred on release, Albania can no longer attack other countries if in faction with Austria, Fixed the JOR Disorganised Revolt ideas being added multiple times, Fixed the Russian release of Romania giving parts of Transylvania and blocking the mission, If all the member countries die, LEC returns to China, Reworded a Finnish event to account for Ukraine possibly being socialist, The West Indies will now have their socialist tree unlocked upon being released as a puppet, Fixed the inverted Sichuan-Tibet peace deal outcomes, Recoded general transfers in Central America, Fixed Iraq and Arabia being released as each other, Fixed Poland being able to occupy a dead Germany, Fixed the Mitteleuropa events having the wrong title and firing for the wrong countries, Panamanian Profit idea now removed if PAN is hostile or non-existent, German East Asia can no longer declare war on a dead Legation Cities, Five Eyes Programme focus for the UK now works properly for non-LaR owners, Greater Germany no longer gets cores on Italian and Slovenian lands, Fixed a case of a CUB flag not being set and locking the focus tree, The Netherlands will no longer release Insulindia or go into exile twice, Fixed HOL becoming socialist and breaking the Insulindian Revolution (again), Iceland now leaves Mitteleuropa when leaving Mitteleuropa, The event for the king being captured will no longer fire for a puppet or socialist Canada/Australia, Fixed the Irish volunteers not disbanding after the end of the ACW, Fixed the USA attacking Puerto Rico during the Ceasefire, You can no longer lease factories or lend guns to a non existent Nanjing Clique as German East Asia, Yunnan capitulates really fast now if it’s in its civil war to avoid spooky behaviour, Another country besides Uruguay can now win the World Cup, Fixed an ideology change in Lombardy’s monarchist tree, You can now play as Shan or Kachin without having to use the console!


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