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Statistics 2011




Total Trade Fair area

7018 sq.m


Exposition area

4261 sq.m


The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card 

5946 (including the participants of the International Conference)


Total number of exhibitors

159 companies

  • national exhibitors

110 companies

  • foreign exhibitors

49 companies (from Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Israel,  China, Korea, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, USA, Czech Republic, Turkey, France)



Position structure of visitors:


Top executives


Key specialist / engineer


Average executives


Distribution of visitors according to regions:


Kiev and Kiev Oblast


Eastern Region


Western Region  


Southern Region


Central Region  








  • ALPHA-GAZPROMKOMPLEKT, Ukraine - production of gas equipment
  • APLISENS SA, Ukraine - production and sale of pressure transducers and instrumentation
  • ARDENN, LTD, Ukraine - high quality portable and stationary gas analyzer of working area (air) (ISC) and combustion action (kiln gases, industrial emissions) (MRU)
  • ARSENAL SPECIAL DEVICE PRODUCTION STATE ENTERPRISE, Ukraine - manufactures and realizes domestic gas meters, industrial gas meters, measurement systems, installation kits for gas meters
  • ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL ARMATURE ENGINEERING OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - voluntary unification of 24 leading armature building companies and organizations of Ukraine
  • BLAGOVESCHENSK VALVES PLANT, JSC, Russia - pipeline-valves: gate valves, safety valves, switching devices, safety valve units, swing check valves and gate valves for heat and power plants
  • BROEN-ZAWGAZ, Poland - manufacturer of ball valves
  • BTK CENTER KOMPLEKT, LTD, Ukraine - gas control equipment, test equipment, stop valves, heating equipment, building materials
  • CASPIAN ENERGY – branch portal
  • CENTER TECH Armaturen GmbH, Germany - valves for water-treatment and – distribution, sewage plants, industrial installations, power-plants, district heating-plants and ship-building
  • CHORNOMORNAFTOGAZ, National Joint-Stock Company, PJSC, Ukraine - prospect and exploratory drilling within the areas of Black See and See of Azov, construction of offshore stationary platforms and underwater gas pipelines, development of gas and oil fields and providing them with all necessary facilities
  • CONVERTEAM GE ENERGY, Germany - is a world leader in supplying system and product solutions for the Oil & Gas market, in both onshore and offshore industries
  • CPTDC, China - the largest supplier of petroleum and petrochemical materials and equipment in the world.
  • DFXK Ukraine-China Petroleum Machinery&Technics, JE, China - projecting, producing and mounting, setting up and engineering service of oil equipment
  • DISCOVERY DRILLING EQUIPMENT, Ukraine - full packages of drilling rigs and components for drilling and well servicing rigs
  • DP NEWTECH UKRAINE, Ukraine – service company
  • DP UKRGASTECH, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for gas and oil industry
  • DROGOBYCH ENGINEERING PLANT, JSC, Ukraine - gas-regulating and gas-distribution stations, equipment for gas and oil industry, drilling and fishing tools, equipment for pipelines construction and repairing
  • DST LAW GROUP, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for gas networks
  • ECM UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - technology and ecology measurement solution for Oil & Gas Industry
  • EKNIS-UKRAINE, Electrotechnical company, LLC, Ukraine - supply of power equipment of all voltage classes, instrumentation and automation devices, as well as gas-analyzing equipment
  • EKOL, LTD, Czech Republic - manufacture of turbines
  • EKOLINE, LTD, Ukraine - oil separators
  • ELECTRONSTANDART-SET-UKRAINE, JSC, Ukraine - fire and gas safety systems for oil and gas industry objects
  • ENERGOBUSINESS, Magazine, Ukraine - industrial magazine
  • ENERGOUCHET, JSC, Ukraine - development, production, installation and commissioning work on oil and gas industry
  • ENERGY POLICY. OIL &GAS, Ukraine - the monthly print edition of the Energy business and for the energy industry
  • EURO GAS SYSTEMS, Romania - packager and seller of reciprocating and screw gas compressors for the worldwide market
  • FAKEL, PJSC, Ukraine - industrial equipment intended for use in technological processes of transportation, oil and gas processing
  • FAMET S.A., Fabryka Aparatury i Urzadzen, Poland - design, production and delivery of process apparatus, industrial equipment and steel constructions offered for refineries, gas, chemical and power industry
  • GARBAGE  PROCESSING:: WEBDIGEST (NEW-GARBAGE.COM), Ukraine  - everything is devoted to the problems of garbage processing
  • GAS of UKRAINE, Affiliated company of National joint-stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ukraine - main provider of natural gas in Ukraine
  • GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY, Publishing House, JSC, Russia - covers all aspects of gas turbine equipment application
  • GAZPROM AVTOMATIZATSIYA, JSC, Russia - wide range of oil and gas equipment
  • GE Rus, LLC, Russia - manufacture of power equipment, security systems, plastics, equipment for water treatment and water purification
  • GEO WELL SERVICES, Ukraine - provides full complex of different types of logging
  • GEOSTAR STC, LTD, Russia - electronic, software and special equipment
  • GIDROMOS, LLC, Russia - designing, manufacturing, installation and service of tight pump units with a drive through a magnetic muff
  • GREATWALL DRILLING COMPANY, LLC, China - petroleum engineering and services
  • GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE, Romania - fleet consists in offshore drilling rigs, construction vessels, ROVs and SAT diving system and diversified onshore capabilities
  • HAFI Engineering & Consulting GmbH, Austria - sales, advice, designing of plants
  • HALLIBURTON UKRAINE, LLC with foreign capital, Ukraine - products and services for the upstream energy industry
  • HEAT GROUP – GAZGEP KFT. LTD, Hungary - equipment for gas and oil industry
  • ICS group, LLC, Ukraine - photovoltaic equipment on a turnkey basis
  • INDUSTRIAL HEATING, LLC, Ukraine - industrial heating
  • INSTITUTE FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY AT NAS OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - the main areas of Institute activities lie in the field of mastering RES, ecology and environment
  • INTELEKTUALNI PROMYSLOVI SYSTEMY, LTD, Ukraine - gas detectors of environment for personal safety, test and measurement equipment of physical, electrical and chemical quantities
  • INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - representative of IMS group of companies and is oriented towards the execution of turnkey engineering solutions for oil and gas industry enterprises
  • INTERNATIONALES INNOVATIONS ZENTRUM DR.-ING. BORIS FRENKEL, Germany - offers consulting and support for companies from Germany concerning market entry in the CIS-countries and expansion in those markets
  • INTERTEK STOCK Co., Ukraine - an exclusive distributor of many foreign companies, which are world leading in the branch of producing high tech equipment for measurement and controlling of pressure, temperature, flow, humidity, electric signals and other dimensions
  • ITO, LTD, Ukraine - an official representative of the most famous manufacturers of industrial equipment
  • IVANO-FRANKIVSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF OIL AND GAS, Ukraine - higher education institution accredited for 4th level that trains specialists for all branches of oil and gas industry
  • KALUSH ENGINEERING WORKS, PJSC, Ukraine - specializes in the manufacture, sale and servicing of oil industry equipment and tools
  • KETTLER GmbH, Germany - telescopic stem extensions, operation keys and sealing systems
  • KORTEM-GORELTEH, LTD, Russia - designs and manufactures the whole range of explosion-proof electrical equipment
  • KROHNE, Representative office in Ukraine, Ukraine - devices for flow measurement, custody transfer of gas, liquid and powders level measurement  
  • KURS, NPP, LLC, Ukraine - a manufacturer of ultrasonic gas meters "Kurs-01"
  • KURS, PCF, Ukraine - ultrasonic gas meters "Kurs-01”
  • LILIN GROUP, China - downhole drilling motors, tricone bits
  • MODERN PETROL STATION, Ukraine - information-analytical publication
  • MOODY INTERNATIONAL, CJSC, Russia - renders services in technical inspection, construction control, management system certification and in technical training
  • MOTOR SICH, JSC, Ukraine - development, manufacture, maintenance, operation and repair of gas turbine drives for gas and gas-lift stations, automated gas turbine power plants
  • NADRA GROUP, Ukraine - Geological-Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation Centre equipped with up-to-date hardware and software from leading companies of the world
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - leading enterprise in Ukraine's fuel and energy complex
  • NefteRynok, Ukraine - information-analytical weekly
  • OC PROFEKS, LTD, Ukraine - protective plastic cases, containers and lighting equipment
  • OIL AND GAS BUSINESS, Journal, Russia - the electronic scientific journal
  • OILMARKET, Magazine, Ukraine - information-analytical weekly
  • ORION, The scientific industrial enterprise, Ukraine - stationary and portable analyzers and indicators of gases, energy-saving devices
  • ORION-D, Engineering-technical center, LTD, Ukraine - stationary and portable analyzers and indicators of gases, energy-saving devices
  • PAKER, Scientific and production firm, LLC, Russia - packer and anchor equipment
  • PDNK Save Well, LLC, Ukraine - oil and gas service company
  • PETROFINDER, Korea - is providing the most advanced online platform for the real time trading and auction solutions for international oil and gas industries and major physical markets
  • PetrolPlaza, Germany - information source for decision makers from petrol retailing companies
  • PILOT DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, Ukraine - completion equipment supply and services provision
  • POLTAVA PETROLEUM COMPANY (PPC), JV, Ukraine - principal company’s mission is to prospect, to explore and to produce oil and gas
  • POLYTECHNIK Luft - und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Austria - boiler installations running on wood waste, heat and/ or electricity generation from "biomass", including wood waste products
  • PROFIT, Publishing House, LLC, Ukraine - provides the complete information about automation systems and their components as well as embedded computers and modules
  • PROMPRYLAD, JSC, Ukraine - device-producing enterprise
  • PRYLAD IMPEX AVTOMATIZACIYA, LTD, Ukraine - development and adoption of monitoring system and anti-disaster protection systems
  • PSYCHEА, Scientific and technical center, Ukraine - analytical studies, projections, published weekly
  • RADIAL DRILLING SERVICES, INC., USA - creates horizontally penetrated channels
  • RADMIRTECH, JV LTD, Ukraine - development, manufacture, delivery and installation of different equipment for fuel and energy complex systems
  • REGION, LTD, Ukraine - a service enterprise that specializes in providing a wide range of services for oil and gas complex enterprises
  • REINZ-Dichtungs GmbH, Germany - asbestos-free fiber materials, graphite materials and PTFE materials, particularly for chemical and petrochemical plants, apparatus, containers, pumps and fittings, rubber-coated / beaded flat metal gaskets e.g. for compressors, materials with high temperature stability, FDA-compliant materials
  • RG PETRO-MACHINERY(GROUP) CO., LTD, China - the drilling rigs
  • RITTAL LLC,  Ukraine - is a subsidiary of the worldwide famous international concern Rittal GmbH, the leading manufacturer of enclosure systems, electronic systems, enclosure climate control and machine cooling, power distributing components, data communication components, outdoor enclosures and system accessories.
  • RJR CONSULTING, Italia - sells photovoltaic inverters, solar panels and monitoring systems
  • ROBIKON, SPC, LLC, Ukraine - design, manufacture and sale of industrial equipment for oil and gas industry
  • ROSEN Europe B.V., the Netherlands - inspection of complex and sensitive engineering structures, such as oil and gas pipeline systems and above-ground storage tanks
  • ROXTEC UA, LTD, Ukraine - is a modular-based system of cables and pipes seals with use of “Multidiameter” technology
  • ROZUMNYI DIM, LLC, Ukraine - industrial electric cable heating systems and industrial heaters
  • RTE BUROVA TECHNIKA, LLC, Ukraine - renders technological and engineering services in the field of maintenance of well construction and work over of wells drilled for oil and gas
  • RWE Dea AG, Germany - exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil
  • SATURN® DATA INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - construction of ACS, local area networks of any complexity and communication systems
  • SCHLUMBERGER OILFIELD EASTERN LTD, Representative office, Ukraine - is the leading oilfield services provider
  • SELTON, LTD, Ukraine - filter elements with different filtration rating for use in gas, liquid, air, corrosive, viscous environments etc.
  • SHANDONG KERUI PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, China - is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing of oil field equipment and engineering services for oil fields worldwide
  • SHELF, Industrial-Scientific Company, LTD, Ukraine - 78 models of fuel, gas and oil dispenser production
  • SMITH UKRAINE, DE, Ukraine - supplies oil and gas equipment
  • STAN-KOMPLEKT, LTD, Ukraine - all range of metalworking equipment, presses and press-forging equipment, compressor equipment, welding equipment, energetic equipment, oil-and-gas equipment, hardware
  • STATE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL LIBRARY OF UKRAINE (SSTL OF UKRAINE), Ukraine - scientific and industrial literature
  • SUMY FRUNZE MACHINE-BUILDING SCIENCE-AND-PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION, PJSC, Ukraine - design and manufacture of gas turbine driven centrifugal compressor packages and valves for gas mains, complete compressor stations, gas compressor stations for vehicle refueling, plants for oil and gas refining, drill collars and kellies, pumps, centrifuges, compressors and mobile compressor stations
  • SUMY PACKING AND GASKET FACTORY, LTD, Ukraine - high-quality sealing materials for oil-and-gas industry
  • TECHKOMPLEKT-KIEV, SC, Ukraine - systems of pipelines and reservoirs electric heating on the basis of a heating cable
  • TECHNOTEK, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for gas industry
  • TECHPRILAD, NPE, LLC, Ukraine - industrial specialized valves  for power plants, oil, gas, and all major industrial applications from acknowledged European manufactures
  • TEMIO, Trade House, LTD, Ukraine - gas alarms “WARTA”, cutoff valves and filters for gas, gas pressure regulators, globe valves for gas and water, radiators with high heat emission, electric, gas and combined boilers
  • TEPLOENERGOKOMPLEKT, LTD, Ukraine - automated control system, measurement and protection of processes of production, pumping natural gas, oil
  • THERMAL, LTD, Ukraine - industrial electric heating systems and provides a full range of services in the sphere of development, design, installation and delivery of systems for industry, refineries and oil enterprises
  • TRADE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o.o., Poland - information source
  • TUBES INTERNATIONAL, LLC, Ukraine - rubber, PVC, PTFE, steel, composite industrial hoses, steel, rubber, PTFE compensators, clamps, couplings, pneumatic accessories, hydraulic couplings and fittings, high pressure hydraulic hoses;
  • TUTKOVSKY GROUP, Ukraine - implementation of new technologies in the oil and gas industry, realization of projects related to the manufacturing of well logging equipment, development of geoinformation systems and implementation of energy saving and environmental protection technologies
  • U.S. COMMERCIAL SERVICE, Ukraine – assistance in U.S.-Ukrainian business development facilitating the expansion of trade
  • Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute(UkrSPRI) of the MOE of Ukraine,  Ukraine - conducts scientific researches in the sphere of civil protection including those for the problems of fire prevention and elimination as well as emergencies of man-caused and natural character concerned with them
  • UKRAINIAN CONFEDERATION OF JOURNALISTS, Ukraine - series of editions
  • UKRAVTOHAZ, Subsidiary, Ukraine - gas sales through a network of CNG stations of automobile gas filling compressor stations all over Ukraine
  • UKRGASPRODUCTION, SC, Ukraine - complete production cycle - Upstream, mainly exploring of new oil and gas reserves and fields development, transportation
  • UKRGAZ – SERVICE, SC, PJSC, Ukraine - mounting, installation, sale of instrumentation
  • UKRNAFTA, PJSC, Ukraine - development and production of oil, gas and condensed gas deposits
  • UKRTATNAFTA, PJSC, Ukraine - manufactures and implements the petroleum products
  • UKRTRANSGAS, Affiliated company of National Joint-stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Ukraine - supply of natural gas to domestic consumers; natural gas transmission via Ukraine, etc.
  • UKRTRANSNAFTA, PJSC, Ukraine - oil supply to Ukrainian refineries as well as transit to the EU countries
  • UKRTRUBOIZOL, SPE, Ukraine - development and manufacture of isolation lines, isolion services
  • USEIS, LLC, Ukraine - seismic surveying
  • VEMM TEC Messtechnik GmbH, Germany - manufacturer and supplier of metering equipment
  • VENTILE & FITTINGS PRAHA, PE, Czech Republic - Swagelok fluid system components are used in all industries, power generation, medicine, scientific researches, etc.
  • VIKOIL LTD, LLC, Ukraine - seismic surveying
  • VOLCHANSK AGGREGATE PLANT, PJSС, Ukraine - development and production of adjustment and control units of the gas turbine drives for aircraft, oil, gas and power generating industries
  • VSP Ukraine, LTD, Ukraine - industrial equipment
  • WEIGHT-MEASURING SYSTEMS, Company, LTD, Ukraine - truck scales, wagon scales, conveyor scales, crane scales
  • WIKA Prylad, LTD, Ukraine - pressure and temperature measurement
  • WORLD EXPO INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o. o., Poland - collective organizer of Polish exhibitors at the show


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