International Conference Oil & Gas

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Statistics 2010


Total Trade Fair area

6946 sq.m

Exposition area

4215 sq.m

The number of registered visitors who filled in the registration card

4838 (including the participants of the International Conference)

Total number of exhibitors

161 companies

  • national exhibitors

109 companies

  • foreign exhibitors

502 companies (from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy,  China, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Romania, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan)


Position structure of visitors:


Top executives


Key specialist / engineer


Average executives


Distribution of visitors according to regions:


Kiev and Kiev Oblast


Eastern Region


Western Region  


Southern Region


Central Region  







  • 1С Ukraine, LTD, Ukraine - development, distribution, publishing and support of mass-market software
  • ABO valve, s.r.o., Czech Republic - the biggest butterfly valve manufacturer in the Czech Republic
  • ADVERTA CREATIVE GROUP, Ukraine - announcement of exhibitions, forums, conferences and workshops in Ukraine and abroad 
  • ALLRUS Group, Ukraine - an exclusive supplier of Colfax Corporation pumping equipment
  • ALLWEILER, IMO, WARREN, HOUTTUIN APLISENS, Poland - centrifugal, twin and three-screw, progressing cavity, propeller, peristaltic macerators
  • ALPHA-GAZPROMCOMPLECT, Ukraine - producer of gas equipment
  • ANALITPRIBOR, FSUE SPA, Russia - produces and supplies its products to such branches, as oil and gas industries, oil chemistry, power engineering, transport and utilities, etc.
  • ARSENAL, Plant, SE, Ukraine - manufactures and realizes domestic gas meters, industrial gas meters, measurement systems,installation kits for gas meters
  • ARTEZIA, Ukraine - industrial power equipment
  • ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL ARMATURE ENGINEERING OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - voluntary unification of 24 leading armature building companies and organizations of Ukraine
  • AUTOMATION WORLD, Magazine, Ukraine - development, design, implementation and modernization of various automation systems, production solutions and projects in all industries
  • BEIJING ZHENWEI EXHIBITION CO./CIPPE, China  - International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition
  •  BLAGOVESHENSKIY REINFORCE PLANT UKRAINE, Trade House, Ukraine - trade in pipeline armature
  • BONA FAYD PE / EMPIRE LTD, Ukraine - boilers, burners, power system
  • BROEN-ZAWGAZ, Poland - manufacturer of ball valves
  • BUSINESS-DOSYE, Ukraine - guide
  • CASPIAN WELL SERVICES UKRAINE, Ukraine - full complex of different types of logging
  • CEW MEDIA GROUP, China - international Oil&Gaz industry exhibitions.
  • CHEMBEL.COM, Belarus - informational server of chemical industry
  • CHORNOMORNAFTOGAZ, NSC, Ukraine - construction of offshore stationary platforms and underwater gas pipelines, development of gas and oil fields and providing them with all necessary facilities, transportation of produced oil and gas to consumers, as well as Subsurface storage of natural gas
  • COMPRESSOR CONTROLS CORPORATION, USA - the world leader in design, integration, implementation, and service of turbomachinery control systems.
  • CONDUCTORES TECNOLOGICOS, Spain - manufacture of industrial cables
  • CONTROL ENGINEERING RUSSIA, Russia - specialized edition
  • COPRIM SRL, Ukraine - a producer of LPG and CNG gas equipment
  • CPTDC, China - the largest supplier of petroleum and petrochemical materials and equipment in the world.
  • DATA EXPRESS, Ukraine - development and manufacturing of alert warning, positioning and personnel search systems
  • DROGOBYCH ENGINEERING PLANT, JSC, Ukraine - Gas-regulating and gas-distribution stations. Equipment for gas and oil industry. Drilling and fishing tools. Equipment for pipelines construction and repairing
  • EBRO ARMATUREN GmbH, Germany - manufacturing of shut-off and control valves
  • EBRO ARMATUREN GmbH, Representative office, Ukraine - manufacture of shut-off and control valves for all industrial applications
  • ECM UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - technology and ecology measurement solution for Oil & Gas Industry
  • EKNIS-UKRAINE, Electrotechnical company, LLC, Ukraine - supply of power equipment of all voltage classes, instrumentation and automation devices, as well as gas-analyzing equipment
  • EKOL UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacture of turbines
  • ELEMER UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - supply of equipment
  • ENERGIYA, Ukraine - publishing activity and information services in the field of fuel and energy complex
  • ENERGOBUSINESS, Ukraine - industrial magazine
  • ENERGOUCHET, Ukraine - development, production, installation and commissioning work on oil and gas industry
  • ENERGY-SAVING SYSTEMS, LTD, Ukraine - production of domestic and industrial meters in Ukraine
  • ETALON-PRYLAD, Ukraine - sale of modern measuring instrumentation
  • EURO GAS SYSTEMS, Romania - packager and seller of reciprocating and screw gas compressors for the worldwide market
  • FTOROPLASTOVYE TEСHNOLOGII, BE, Ukraine - specializes in producing of polytetrafluorethylene goods using customer's drafts
  • FUHRLÄNDER AG, Germany - a pioneer in the use of the wind energy
  • GAS AND OIL, Ukraine - industrial magazine
  • GAS of UKRAINE, AC of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ukraine -  main provider of natural gas in Ukraine
  • GAZ - PLAST, PE, Ukraine - pipes for gas and water supply, gas pressure regulators, sewer pipes for external networks
  • GAZAVTOMATIKA, OJSC, Russia - supply of equipment for oil & gas industry
  • GE RUS Co., Ltd, Russia - manufacture of power equipment, security systems, plastics, equipment for water treatment and water purification
  • GRACE-ENGINEERING, LTD, Ukraine - projecting, manufacturing, delivery, maintenance and refurbishment of Dry Gas Seals for natural gas compressors and supercharges
  • GRESA-GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - WIND-SOLAR systems for application at movable or stationary oil and gas objects.
  • HAFI Engineering, Austria - compressed air technology, conveying technology, vacuum technology, refrigeration technology, process gas technology, environmental technology
  • HAFI- UKRAINE, Ukraine - sales, advice, designing of plants
  • HALLIBURTON COMPANY GMBH, Germany - one of the world's leading providers of products and services for the upstream energy industry
  • HEAT GROUP - GAZGEP KFT. LTD, Hungary - equipment for gas and oil industry
  • HIMLABORREACTIV, LTD, Ukraine - supply of chemical raw materials, chemical reagents, diagnostic media, glassware, equipment and laboratory furniture TM "expert" laboratories for different fields
  • HONEYWELL, Ukraine - technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services
  • INKERI, SPF, Ukraine - development and production of two-phase gas-liquid flow filter-separators for oil, gas and chemical industry.
  • INOGATE, ЕС - program development and technical support
  • INSTITUTE AVE USTOU, State establishment, Russia - realizes programs of professional retraining and improvement of professional skills for the experts in fuel and energy and building complexes with a separation, without a separation, with a partial separation from work; in the individual form; with the use of modular and remote educational technologies
  • INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - representative of IMS group of companies and is oriented towards the execution of turnkey engineering solutions for oil and gas industry enterprises
  • INTERTEK STOCK Co., Ukraine - an exclusive distributor of many foreign companies, which are world leading in the branch of producing high tech equipment for measurement and controlling of pressure, temperature, flow, humidity, electric signals and other dimensions
  • ITO, LTD, Ukraine - an official representative of the most famous manufacturers of industrial equipment
  • KRASNODAR FACTORY "NEFTEMASH", Russia - technological tools for the bottom-hole part of casing
  • KROHNE, Representative office in Ukraine - devices for flow measurement, custody transfer of gas, liquid and powders level measurement
  • KURS, PCF, Ukraine - a manufacturer of ultrasonic gas meters "Kurs-01".
  • MANOTHERM, Germany - manufacture of high class gauges
  • METROLOGICAL CENTRE, THE EAST EUROPEAN REGIONAL CENTRE FOR METROLOGY GAS BOYARKA, Ukraine - standards of consumption of natural gas, which reproduce the unit of flow, using different operating principles, standards for pressure, temperature, density, moisture
  • M-I SWACO Ukraine, LLC, Ukraine - supply of drilling fluid systems
  • MICROL, Ukraine - production of electrical products
  • MIKROTERM, LLC, Ukraine - development of design documentation and manufacture of devices intended for the control and regulation of technological processes in various areas of  the national economy
  • MODERN PETROL STATIONS, Ukraine - information-analytical publication
  • MOTOR SICH, JSC, Ukraine - development, manufacture, maintenance, operation and repair of gas turbine drives for gas and gas-lift stations, automated gas turbine power plants
  • NADRA, CONCERN, JSC, Ukraine - Geological-Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation Centre equipped with up-to-date hardware and software from leading companies of the world
  • NAFTOCHIMMASH-KRASNIY OKTYABR, P.O.S.H., Ukraine - design development, manufacture and supply of equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil refining and gas processing industries
  • NAFTOGAZ OF UKRAINE, NAK, Ukraine - full cycle of operations for the exploration and development, production and exploratory drilling, transporting and storing oil and gas, natural gas and liquefied natural gas to consumers
  • NAUKANAFTOGAZ,Ukraine - calibration and verification standards for the physical parameters of gas
  • Neftegaz.RU, Russia - specialized edition
  • NEFTEMASH, Krasnodar Factory, OJSC, Russia - technological tools for the bottom-hole part of casing
  • NEFTERYNOK, Ukraine - information-analytical weekly
  • OIL & GAS EURASIA, Russia - independent sectoral b2b publications
  • OIL & GAS VERTICAL, Russia - branch magazine
  • OIL & GAS, Ukraine - specialized branch edition
  • OIL AND GAS BUSINESS, Russia - branch magazine
  • OILMARKET, Ukraine - information-analytical weekly
  • OPEKS ENERGYSYSTEMS LTD, Ukraine - manufacture of plate heat exchangers and substations, supply of wide range of different equipment for industry, energetic
  • OPTIMA-ENGINEERING, Ukraine - supply of equipment for oil and gas industry
  • ORION, The scientific industrial enterprise, Ukraine - stationary and portable analyzers and indicators of gases, energy-saving devices
  • ORMA-OLIMP LLC, Ukraine - equipment for oil and gas industry
  • PDNK SAVE WELL, LTD, Ukraine - oil and gas service company
  • PEMZ, LTd, Ukraine - high-quality couplings for petrochemical industry, all dimension-types of flange connections, pipeline coupling, optional equipment, gear wheels.
  • PETROIL SERVICE, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer of mobile modular premises
  • PETROPLAZA, Germany - information source for decision makers from petrol retailing companies
  • POLTAVA PETROLEUM COMPANY (PPC), JV, Ukraine - the principal company's mission is to prospect, to explore and to produce oil and gas
  • PRODNEPR.DP.UA,  Ukraine  - informational portal
  • PROMGAZKOMPLEKT, Ukraine - equipment for oil and gas industry
  • PROMPRIBOR, LTD, Ukraine - complex provision of enterprises with control equipment and automatics
  • PROMPRYLAD, JSC, Ukraine - a multisectoral instrument-making organization
  • PROPAN-SERVICE, LTD, Ukraine - planning and building of gas stations and systems of the autonomous gas-supplying
  • PRYLAD IMPEX AVTOMATIZACIYA, LTD, Ukraine - development and adoption of monitoring system and anti-disaster protection systems
  • PSYCHEA, Scientific and technical center, PE, Ukraine - analytical studies, projections, published weekly
  • QUIMEX SA, Switzerland - supply of equipment for gas industry
  • RADMIRTECH, JV LTD, Ukraine - development, manufacture, delivery and installation of different equipment for fuel and energy complex systems
  • RED MOUNTAIN ENERGY, Ukraine - full range of equipment for production, treatment and processing of natural and petroleum gas
  • REGION, LTD, Ukraine - a service enterprise that specializes in providing a wide range of services for oil and gas complex enterprises
  • RG PETRO-MACHINERY(Group) Co., Ltd, China - manufacturer of oil-drilling equipment
  • ROBIKON, RMF, LTD, Ukraine - design, manufacture and sale of industrial equipment for oil and gas industry
  • ROSEN Europe B.V., the Netherlands - inspection of complex and sensitive engineering structures, such as oil and gas pipeline systems and above-ground storage tanks
  • ROXTEC UA, LTD, Ukraine - specialized modular-based cable and pipe seals manufactured according to the "Multidiameter" technology
  • RWE Dea, Germany - exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil
  • SAMARAVOLGOMASH, LTD, Russia - ball valves of forged steel
  • SAMGAS, LLC, Ukraine - producer of gas measuring and control equipment
  • SAMSON AG, Representative in Ukraine, Ukraine - control valves and butterfly valves as well as self-operated regulators
  • SATURN ® DATA INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - construction of ACS, local area networks of any complexity and communication systems
  • SCHLUMBERGER OILFIELD EASTERN LTD, Ukraine - development of products, services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner
  • SHELF, Industrial-Scientific Company, LTD, Ukraine - 78 models of fuel, gas and oil dispenser production
  • SIBNEFTEAVTOMATIKА, Engineering-production company, OJSC, Russia - flow-metering and quantity-metering instruments for water, petroleum, gas, gas condensate, steam and thermal energy in various technological processes
  • SINTECO-PLUS, LTD, Ukraine - comprehensive supply of equipment and materials for oil and gas companies and energy, chemical plants, utilities facilities
  • SIRIUS-ELECTROMONTAZH, Ltd, Ukraine - the official representative of worldwide leader in the field of electrical heating systems
  • SMITH BITS/ SMITH SERVICES, Ukraine - one of the largest global providers of products and services used by operators in drilling industry
  • SMITH UKRAINE, DE, Ukraine - supplies oil and gas equipment.
  • SPECIALIZED INSTALLATION COMPANY No.24, JSC, Ukraine - works in the sphere of pipelines revamping and construction of compressor stations, pumping plants, and oil and gas refineries
  • STAN-KOMPLEKT, LTD, Ukraine - metalworking equipment, presses and press-forging equipment, compressor equipment, welding equipment, etc
  • STATE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL LIBRARY OF UKRAINE (SSTL OF UKRAINE), Ukraine - scientific and industrial literature
  • STEKLOPRIBOR, Ukraine - glass thermometers, vacuum gauges, pressure-vacuum gage, measuring utensils, and chemical laboratory glassware, etc.
  • SV Altera, Ukraine - electrical engineering and automation processes
  • SWAGELOK (Kuzmenko), Russia - components of piping systems for chemical and petrochemical industries
  • TECHPRILAD, SPE, LTD, Ukraine - industrial specialized valves  for power plants, oil, gas, and all major industrial applications from acknowledged European manufactures
  • TECHSOVET, Russia - advertisement and information magazine
  • TEPLOENERGOKOMPLEKT, Ukraine - automated control system, measurement and protection of processes of production, pumping natural gas, oil
  • TEPLOLUX UKRAINE, Ukraine - electric heating cable systems and equipment
  • TEPLOPRIBOR, Russia - instrument production of general industrial and special purposes
  • THE GAS TRADERS OF UKRAINE ASSOCIATION, Ukraine - a voluntary association of 24 leading armature engineering Ukrainian enterprises and organizations
  • THE OIL & GAS EXPOSITION, Russia - branch edition
  • THERMAL, Engineering Company, LTD, Ukraine - industrial electric heating systems and provides a full range of services in the sphere of development, design, installation and delivery of systems for industry, refineries and oil enterprises
  • TIANHE OIL GROUP CO., LTD, China - professional manufacturer of fishing tools
  • TIANJIN DONG FANG XIAN KE PETROLEUM MACHINERY CO., LTD, China -  manufacturer of drilling and workover rigs
  • TRIO, LTD, Ukraine - provides full cycle of designing, manufacturing and selling equipment for recording and reducing natural gas in the gas supply system of Ukraine and CIS
  • TUBES International, Ukraine - implementation of specialized hoses and couplings, clams and other accessories for all industries
  • U.S. COMMERCIAL SERVICE, Ukraine - business communication, trade development
  • UKRAINIAN GEOLOGIST, Ukraine - Ukrainian public organization "Union of Geologists of Ukraine"
  • UKRGASPRODUCTION, SC, Ukraine - is a vertically integrated structure with closed production cycle, carrying out packaged work from exploration, geological survey and production of natural gas, oil and gas condensate to processing and selling of liquefied gas and oil products
  • UKRGAZ - SERVICE, Ukraine - research, design work, gas appliances, devices
  • UKRNAFTA, JSC, Ukraine - development and production of oil, gas and condensed gas deposits
  • UKRROSMETALL, Concern, Ukraine - compressor stations for oil and gas complex
  • UKRTATNAFTA, Ukraine - manufactures and implements the petroleum products
  • UKRTEHNOLOGIYASERVIS, Company, LTD, Ukraine - designs and produces electric drive for pipeline, valves road electronic switch for pipeline sliding valve remote control, electronic travel limit module to replace electric drive electromechanical limit switch units
  • UKRTEHPRYLAD, Ukraine - complex solutions on automation of manufactures
  • UKRTRANSGAS, AC of NJSC "Naftogas of Ukraine", Ukraine - supply of natural gas to domestic consumers; natural gas transmission via Ukraine, etc.
  • UKRTRANSNAFTA,  JSC, Ukraine - oil supply to Ukrainian refineries as well as transit to the EU countries
  • URALMASH-ENGINEERING, LLC, Russia -  leading Russian enterprise in production of equipment for metallurgy, mining, oil and gas industry, construction materials and energy
  • USEIS, Ukraine - seismic surveying
  • VIKOIL LTD., Ukraine - seismic surveying
  • VOLCHANSK AGGREGATE PLANT, PJSС, Ukraine - development and production of adjustment and control units of the gas turbine drives for aircraft, oil, gas and power generating industries
  • VOLGAPROMSERVIS, Trade House, JSC, Russia - manufacture of the oil-field equipment
  • VSP-UKRAINE, Ukraine - industrial equipment
  • WOOD GROUP GTS, USA - production systems in the oil and gas industry, power and petrochemical industries
  • WORLD EXPO, Poland - collective organizer of Polish exhibitors at the show
  • YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ, OJSC, Ukraine - design and survey institute carrying out full scope of work for design of new and refurbished gas industry facilities in the field of production


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